Marketing To Consumers With YouTube TrueView Ads

Millions, if not billions of people watch online videos every day. The rate at which consumers are taking in this kind of content is quite alarming. Only to be matched by the countless hours worth of videos that get uploaded every day. Video is the preferred way to consume content in the digital age.

Google’s new TrueView Ads platform is a great way to take advantage of that trend. It’s time to natively reach your audience with video. Let’s learn some more!

TrueView Ad Types

There are two different kinds of Google video ads. One is In-Stream and the other is In-Display.

An In-Stream ad is shown before, during or after another video that the user is trying to watch. After 5 seconds, the user can choose to keep watching your content or skip to the video that they originally wanted to see. So be certain to create a video that will capture the person’s attention quickly. You don’t pay YouTube unless the person views your video for 30 seconds, or until the end; whichever is shorter.

The second type of ad is In-Display. These videos are listed along side others that are part of a search results page on YouTube, or on websites that take part in the Google Display Network. This choice has more of a native feel than in-stream ads. You’ll pay for this one if someone clicks on your video to watch it; so we’ll call this pay-per-click.

Tracking The Important Stuff

Being able to see the stats and metrics of your video ads is handled similar to other AdWords type of features.

You can determine your key metrics, like attribution. Run split testing, and do cool things like lift experiments. Lift experiments help you to see who was reached, and who would have been reached, because of your TrueView ad. You can even create remarketing lists.

Speaking of video, here’s one from Google themselves, explaining how you can take advantage of advertisements on YouTube.

If you create video content, get started today with Google’s TrueView ads from your AdWords account. You’ll be glad you did.