Pokemon Go Proves The Value Of Proximity Marketing

Pokemon Go is a world phenomenon. It’s also real-world proof of what location-based marketing can do. This is also known as proximity marketing.

Proximity marketing has been around for a few years now, but it’s about to go mainstream. This new location-based advertising allows businesses to alert customers about things such as local deals, events and resources that help drive sales. It’s already being used by the likes of Samsung, Volkswagon, Spotify, Starbucks and more.

Let’s say one of your customers just walked into your retail store and you want to let them know about the benefits of your rewards program. You can push mobile notifications to them. This can lead them to a webpage that talks about the benefits and helps your customer get signed up immediately. You can then offer something like an immediate 20% off of their purchases that day, for signing up. The devices that drive proximity marketing can even allow a customer to pay with their mobile device.

The Tech

This trendsetting technology is driven by connectivity via bluetooth, NFC, cell towers and WiFi. The devices themselves are small, concealable transmitters that make the connection between you and the consumer almost seamless. Backend software runs your advertising messages and consumer actions.

Both Google and Apple have software development platforms; and there is a wide variety of hardware manufacturers that are compliant with their software. At Google I/O 2016, a new feature called Nearby was announced to help make proximity marketing even easier for businesses to be most effective.

What You Should Be Doing

Start looking into this local advertising strategy today. 57% of customers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising than other forms of advertising. If you think that people aren’t interested, the numbers also show that 53% are willing to share their location in order to receive more relevant advertisements.

Location-based marketing is here to stay. Start the conversation.